Fresh Medical Fraud Cases Reported

Medicare-FraudThere are 20 fresh cases of Medical fraud reported in the health Industry. These cases include money laundering and kickbacks that involve $million.

This was the amount of money that has been fictitiously or unnecessarily extracted on the grounds of mental health treatments from the Medicare.

According to the multiagency Medicare Fraud Strike Force, there are more than 850 cases of illegal medical billings that have been recorded.

This is since the start of the inception in the year2007, according to the department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department. The indictment includes the indulgence of three doctors. The cases of indictment have been filed in the Southern District of Florida.

It says that there were many officials at the American Therapeutic Corp. and Medlink Professional Management Group Inc. who have made false bills regarding mental health treatment. It is a huge setback for the health industry.

At one hand, there are countless efforts being made for the betterment of the current scenario of the health industry, on the other, there are such fraud cases erupting every now and then. This is the reason there is progress at such a slow rate.