High Costs of Drugs in the U.S.A

High-Costs-DrugsLack of price control is the major reason for increasing drug rates. It is a common sight in the U. S to pay more than the actual cost of the drugs, especially for Aids drugs.

The Government is presently incapable of lowering prices of drugs. The common man has to bear the brunt of this.

The medical companies are of the view that they have to price the drugs higher so as to recover the costs they invest in the research and manufacture of the drugs.

There are other countries that hardly pay any extra costs for the same. This includes Africa; where for the AIDS drugs, people do not have to pay little or no money to acquire them.

There are many factors contributing to this. One of the main reasons is the agreement of the countries with the drug makers to order them discounts because they are developing countries.

There are other factors such as the pressure from organizations such as the Global fund that has resulted in the low prices of drugs in poor and developing countries.