850m to be paid by DH in redundancy payments

850m to be paid by DH in redundancy paymentsA survey was conducted by GP consortia that stated, a greater role will be played by private sector in the NHS as radical plans to reform the healthcare system.

Commissioning services for patients will be taken control of by GPs under the reforms. There will be no existence of PCTs or the primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.

Use of NHS managers across support’s seven areas, was planned by only six consortia and this was shown by the survey of advanced ‘pathfinders’, which is a group of GPs piloting the new commissioning arrangements.

A poll also saw that at least six out of the seven areas of support will be outsourced by about three out of 25 to the private and voluntary sectors.

External support for human resources will be enlisted as planned by 50 per cent, rest 29 per cent each will be for back-office support, accounting and data analysis.

The survey also stated that commissioning support is being talked to private and voluntary sector organizations are being talked to by about 11 and deals have been signed by about seven already.

A Department of Health spokesman said, “GP consortia should be able to get the best support they need to improve services for patients, whether it is from the public, voluntary or independent sector.”