IKEA Recall Cribs for Repair

IKEA-cribsIKEA has initiated a recall on one of their cribs and is offering a repair kit to fix the problem. The Furniture Company has issued this recall for the repair of their SNIGLAR crib 70 x 132.

The action taken by IKEA is a voluntary and precautionary. They have decided to take this step because the bolts in some of the cribs are not long enough and can cause the mattress support to detach and collapse. They are afraid that child may feel trapped or suffocated.

Consumers of the product have been asked to carefully examine the underside of their cribs and check if the bolt extends through the nut. If the bolt of the crib is not long enough they should stop using the crib immediately.

No incidents have been reported but the parents are required to check the crib immediately.

Consumers can exchange their crib for a new one at the store or can they also pick up a free repair kit. These repair kits can also be obtained by contacting IKEA toll free at 1-800-661-9807 or ordering it online at the IKEA website.

The U. S. and Canadian governments have urged consumers to stop using IKEA SNIGLAR brand cribs immediately.