Government Refuted Price Competition in NHS

Government Refuted Price Competition in NHSGovernment has retraced its step back over the issue of introducing full-scale price competition into the National Health Services (NHS). As per the guidelines issued to SHAs, PCTs and GP consortia by NHS Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson, no competitive pricing will be levied on the NHS and all the services will be based on quality health care.

Reportedly, Sir David claimed, “we are encouraging GPs to work with local hospitals to improve care pathways and this is clearly a good practice and is not anti-competitive”.

Earlier, BMA had criticized the NHS of stimulating price competition which could prove out to be a threat for the local economies, and can subsequently harm the health care of patients. Additionally, RCGP Chair Dr. Clare Gerada had warned that NHS policies can promote the market forces to enter the system and henceforth, can damage the efficient policies of health care.

In response to severe criticism from BMA and RCGP, Sir David announced new guidelines, favoring the critics. Reportedly, Sir David has stressed on the need of regulating day-to-day health care services during the "period of complex change".

Further, Sir David has appealed that in order to make radical improvement in the system, commissioner’s needs to take significant initiatives to upgrade the health care services so that wide range of patients can be integrated in the system and henceforth, the clinical practices can be improved.