Men who get bald early might develop prostate cancer

Men who get bald early might develop prostate cancerA French study has stated that the chances of developing prostate cancer is two times more among men who show signs of balding at age 20 as compared to men who show signs of baldness later in life.
Researchers also added that an increased risk of developing the disease was not there if balding took place at 30 or 40 years of age and it was also not decided by the pattern of hair loss. The study also stated that if someone was losing hair early did not mean an earlier onset of cancer or a more severe one.
Researchers have believed that there is a higher risk of going bald and having prostate cancer among men who were more readily converting the male hormone testosterone into a form called DHT.
Michael Yassa, a radiation oncologist who helped conduct the study, said that doctors will be enabled to make a better judgment of who would get benefited with cancer screening more by understanding this relationship.
Yassa, who now works at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, said, “There’s a big debate about who can really benefit from prostate cancer screening with the PSA test that’s used to predict risk of the malignancy in men.”