Giving up red meat totally can be bad

Giving up red meat totally can be badKate Millet is 27 years old and believes in keeping in good shape. For this she has been taking a good diet, sticks to green tea and exercises regularly. Another thing she did was giving up on red meat.

People in Britain are being told about various cancer risks involved with high consumption of red meat. The limit per week decided by new Department of Health guidelines for adults is not more than 500g a week.

Kate experienced that she had to face consequences that were not expected by her by cutting down on meat altogether.

Kate stated that she felt light-headed while running one day and felt drained out.

Her boyfriend Howard that day stated that she looked pale and she felt exhausted.

After seeing her GP, she was told that she was anemic and hemoglobin was not being formed inside her due to low levels of iron.

Various consequences of lack of iron are tiredness and dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration etc.

Kate was surprised to see that despite having a healthy lifestyle, she had got anemia.

It was explained by her GP that the reasons for iron deficiency in her was leaving red meat and exercising too much.