Alerts not being complied with by many NHS trusts

Alerts not being complied with by many NHS trustsResearch has stated that alerts that are suppose to keep patients away from harm are not being met by half of NHS trusts as they are not complied with.

It was seen that number of patient safety alerts that were not complied with were 654 and it was concluded from data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the charity Action against Medical Accidents, AvMA.

Everything ranging from warnings on correct dosage and equipment failure were covered by the alerts that are made by the National Patient Safety Agency, NPSA.

There have been incidents when the deadline that trusts are told to meet are not met and where harm has been caused to patients that causes these alerts to be made.

The AvMA report stated, “Significant improvement since August 2010, when the last study was carried out, but too many trusts are still ignoring alerts or not implementing them properly.”

Since 2004, all safety alerts for patients for which deadlines have already been passed have been covered by the data.

On more than 400 trusts in England, information was given by applicable trusts that had outstanding patient safety alerts.

Following a 50 per cent drop on the August 2010 figure, it was seen that there were about 654 instances of patient safety alerts that were not complied with.

It was however stated by the report that alerts not being complied with means lives are prone to risk that is unnecessary.