Operator certificate loss leads to air service being grounded

Operator certificate loss leads to air service being groundedThe country was left without an ambulance cover on Saturday following withdrawal of an air operator’s certificate called Sterling Aviation.

Due to this, service was suspended by the East Anglian Air Ambulance, EAAA.

When this happened, a contingency plan was what the officials insisted for and an alternative supplier Bond Air Services was put in service but weather played spoilt sport as fog enveloped the environment and made it impossible to fly.

Richard Robinson, director of fundraising and marketing, said, “The first we knew of this was 5.30pm on Friday afternoon, which was the end of our day. We had already finished by the time we had found out because we only fly during daylight.”

He further added that there was no ambulance over despite a helicopter being flown by Bond Air Services and fog just worsened the situation that was already tight.

The operation will be normal as soon as the weather becomes clear and the service quality will also remain the same across the country without making any compromises in the work quality.

It keeps happening and is a usual business, he added.