Cold Medicines Might Kill Your Toddler, Beware

cold-medicineThere has been a research that has found out that there are a few over-the counter drugs that can be fatally dangerous for kids. A few of these drugs might lead to poisoning and even death in the consumers. The research also makes it clear that these drugs seldom have any symptoms.

After this research, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America has issued a warning not to give these cough medicines to the kids, specially below the age of two years.

“FDA warnings about OTC cough and cold medicines prompted a voluntary recall of products marketed for children younger than 2 years”, says Matthew Davis, M. D., Director of the poll and associate professor in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the U-M Medical School.

He also said that they wanted to see how well the parents of these little babies are taking care of them and how they are reacting to the warnings.

There have been innumerous cases where children have fallen very ill due to the intake of these unsafe drugs. It is a duty of the parents to take the best care and check the medicines before they are administered to their baby.