Helping people who are battling cancer

Helping people who are battling cancerFor people who are fighting their battle against cancer, businesses around the city are being urged to help them and make a big difference.

While celebrating its centenary, Macmillan Cancer Support, is hoping to raise £100,000 over the coming year by asking about 100 businesses to help them.

Macmillan’s Fundraising Manager in Buckinghamshire, Caroline Knight, said, “There is a wealth of talent, and creativity in Buckinghamshire’s business community. Every week, 58 people in Buckinghamshire will be told they have cancer. Together, 100 companies could raise £100,000 which could fund a Macmillan nurse for two years.”

It was also added that £1,000 was not very difficult for even the smallest business as either the whole company becomes a part of the events that take place during the year or even one person from the company can also do the needful.

In partnership with the Macmillan Cancer Support, there is also a scheme of giving treatment to cancer patients in the Lothians under an NHS Lothian proposal.

Experts stated that their recovery will be helped by this and the way their care takes will also be more influenced by them.