Alternative allergy test not backed by scientific evidence: NICE

Alternative allergy test not backed by scientific evidence: NICEIt has been stated by NICE, NHS watchdog, that allergies cannot be identified by kits and complementary therapies that are sold on the internet as no scientific evidence backs this.

It was added that stories that one generally believes are used to convince people like on hair analysis but there is no scientific evidence that is behind these claims.

There will be new guidance soon that will enable doctors in England figure out a child having allergy problems.

NICE added that following a lack of help from GPs that was perceived by parents, they went on to resorting to alternative therapies.

Food allergy is common and one in 20 young children suffers from this.

According to Dr Adam Fox, an allergy specialist based at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London, obvious and immediate symptoms are not suffered by all children.

He said, “Food allergies can actually be extremely subtle. Lots of children have eczema, colic or spit up more food than usual. For some of those children the underlying problem is an allergy to something within their diet.”

People will be told through the guidelines that when can they refer to specialists and how can symptoms be recognized.