Heart diseases can be prevented with moderate alcohol

Heart diseases can be prevented with moderate alcoholA research was conducted for about 30 years and it states that heart disease can be avoided by an alcoholic drink a day.

When people who never drank alcohol and people who were moderate drinkers were compared, a 14 to 25 per cent reduction in heart disease was seen.

It was also stated in a write-up by the same Canadian research group that good cholesterol levels shot up with moderate alcohol.

Experts however added that this did not mean that people who do not drink, start drinking.

It has been suggested for many years that there are certain health benefits by consuming alcohol in moderation.

From 1980 and 2009, about 84 pieces of research were reviewed by scientists at the University of Calgary.

It was clear that when compared to non-drinkers, those who had moderate drinks were at a lower risk of death.

It was further added that cardiovascular diseases were reduced by 25 per cent and that too all forms of the disease among those who consumed moderate drinks as compared to those who did not drink at all.