Mobile Phones Can Adversely Affect the Brain

Mobile-Phones-Affect-BrainAccording to a new study conducted by the National Institute of Health in the United States, the use of mobile phones can be harmful for the brain. The science behind it says that excessive use of mobile phone can result in increased sugar levels in the brain.

This could be encountered even after a mere 50 minutes talk over the phone.

The research was brought to public notice in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the clinical significance of the same was not clear.

The experts did not particularly suggest a health risk. Scientists have been keen on finding the effects on the body since there was a boom in the use of mobile phones. There have been many researchers conducted to find out the ill effects of the same.

It is a world where one cannot live without the phone. There is a consistent need of the phone for all. One needs to keep a track of a lot in life and living without a phone is now absolutely impossible.

The harmful effects of the same need to be find out so that there are no cases of extreme harm to man by these gadgets of the new gizmo world.