New system for schools to solve technical breakdowns

ADECSometimes there are technical crashes at public schools’ information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. Now these problems can be restored somewhat within minutes with new central monitoring system of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).

This is the latest system which is an integrated with IT management solution and it has been designed to examine and handle public schools’ IT infrastructure.

It has a large display screens which explain each school’s connectivity at ADEC’s network. The indication to this is given via neon green light signals. It provides central support to the engineers to see the small possible problems even prior to the actual failure happens.

There many facilities in this system. If ever the device fails to operate due to any reason, the system is well-maintained and it is designed with an automatically method of sending SMS and e-mail messages to the concerned vendors and engineers. It informs them that the technical issue is corrected.

Mohammed Younis, ADEC’s ICT division manager has informed Khaleej Times that they can identify the problems and mend them electronically in few minutes through this centralised electronic monitoring solution.