Christchurch earthquake still disturbs people

Christchurch earthquake still disturbs peopleEarthquake wary residents are still experiencing the aftershock of the quake that left everyone affected. Even after the quake is over, the affected area still sees a lot and is experiencing economic and emotional downturn.

According to Wellington seismologist Dr Warwick Smith, aftershocks are not over yet, though they might be weaker but they will last for weeks and not just days.

Dr Lyndy Matthews, chairwoman of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists' New Zealand committee, said, “Although it was important that emotional help was available, revisiting the traumatic events through debriefing could compound the trauma.”

In September last year, an earthquake in Canterbury has left children unnerved. Children are unable to sleep at night and get scared at the slightest of the sounds.

According to the Ministry of Education website, professional counseling is not what children and others want, they rather want reassurance from their loved ones and the ones they know.

A routine is a must to get in the comfort zone and support in times that are so uncertain. The economic recovery is also affected and is coming back to life slowly.