Brain gets affected by mobile phones

Brain gets affected by mobile phonesBrain can be affected by the use of mobile phones, a study by the National Institutes of Health in the US has stated.

After having spent about 50 minutes on the phone, higher sugar use in the brain that takes place due to increased activity took place.

But the chances of a health risk due to this were laid off by experts in the UK.

Experts have been keenly interested in what effects do mobile phones have on human body and brain since mobile phones have been used in millions.

A link has been established between cancer and using a mobile phone by the largest study on 420,000 mobile phone users in Denmark.

The effect of magnetic fields, RF-EMFs, was seen that were coming from a phone's antenna.

The conclusions saw that no possible health implications could be seen but there was an effect on the brain activity.

Participant’s both ears were attached to mobile phones and one was switched off and another was on mute and no difference following this could be stated by the participant.

Once the brain was scanned it was seen that glucose use increased by seven per cent in the brain and especially in parts that were close to the phone’s antenna.