Dentists make a majority of people happy

DentistsAccording to a survey, in the Northern Ireland, out of 10 patients about nine are satisfied with the services their dentist provide.

It was however added by the Patient and Client Council study that a significant distance had to be travelled by a certain section of the community like migrants and rural dwellers due to the current system.

Impact of the £17 million investment that has been made by Health Minister Michael McGimpsey for making dental services better is yet to be realized and this amount was invested mainly to handle the access problems.

With the British Dental Association, BDA, a new general dental contract is being negotiated by the department.

Stella Cunningham, southern area manager at the council, said, “Many patients are happy with the service but costs can put some people off from seeking treatment, and the current registration system is not clear to people.”

It was also added that there will be better partnership between professional and patient by making people better aware on how the system works and good practice in terms of reminding people about lapse in registration or forthcoming appointments.