Breast Milk Ice Cream Banned Over Health Concerns

Breast Milk Ice Cream Banned Over Health ConcernsBreast milk ice cream has been wiped out from the London shops. A team of Westminster Council reportedly visited a restaurant where the ice cream was served to general public.

Acknowledging the general health concern over the sale of the Baby Gaga dessert, Westminster Councilor, Brian Connell confirmed that owner of the product has agreed to stop any commercial use of the questioned product.

Moreover, health experts from the Health Protection Agency and Food Standards Agency have iterated their concerns pertaining to the fact that any product made from human fluid can never be beneficial for the health.

However, the Westminster Council affirmed that they whole heartedly appreciate initiatives taken by business groups to produce novel food items, but not at the cost of human health.

Responding to the ban levied on the sale of ice cream, Matt O'Connor, the founder and owner of The Icecreamists, reportedly criticized the severe action taken by the Westminster Council. Moreover, Mr. O'Connor asserted that the product was duly tested for all safety measures before it was marketed in the restaurants.

Asserting the popularity of the ice cream, Mr. O'Connor claimed that they had conducted an online survey on the mothers' forum Mums. net