NHS Reforms Bill Sparked Controversy

NHS Reforms Bill Sparked ControversyIts’ an alarming situation for all those who blindly trust their doctors. A recent report by Channel 4 News has revealed another facet of the association between a patient and his doctor.

As per the reports, the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley's, health and social care bill is aimed towards making profit over the medical needs. The bill has reportedly favored the GP consortium by giving a significant control of £80bn of NHS funds to commission healthcare from 2013.

Contrary to the bill, the Channel 4 News unveiled that one of the health firm, IHP is under serious negotiations with three GP consortiums so that a considerable amount of money can be pulled out of the annual health budget.

Moreover, the patients would be charged at 95% of the cost of NHS so that a saving of £40 per patient can be clubbed together to make a huge profit. Citing the skyrocketing profits, Oliver Bernath, IHP's founder and a former consultant neurologist, claimed that the stipulated plan mentioned in the bill can only be achieved if about 1,000GPs are roped in for the project.

Responding to the controversy, the Department of Health claimed that consortium commissioning budget must be properly regulated so that patient’s health care can be put at the utmost priority.

Moreover, many experts have raised doubts over the association of GPs with the tabled NHS health care bill which promotes private players to take undue benefit from the patient’s health needs.