Dr Raj Mattu finally sacked

Dr Raj Mattu finally sackedDr Raj Mattu, a heart specialist, was suspended about nine years ago and has finally been sacked.

He was facing allegations over two patients who in 2001 had died in overcrowded bays at University Hospitals, Coventry and Warwickshire.

There was also a case of bullying a junior doctor in 2002 following which he had faced suspension.

The tax payer had to dish out millions of pounds. According to the trust, an appeal is being filed by Dr Mattu, who did not comment on what happened to him.

The Trust stated that the reason for suspending Mattu was his conduct.

The British Medical Association said, "He was sacked for refusing to accept a demotion, talking to the press and appearing at functions while on long term sick leave where he knew trust managers were present."

Ian McIvett, Dr Mattu's BMA representative informed that when his employment was terminated, he was on a sick leave.

He also added that further damage was caused to Mattu's health due to one-sided investigation of the Trust and it was not fair also.

The disciplinary hearing was rescheduled seven times as stated by University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.