Speed dating does not mean too many choices

Speed dating does not mean too many choicesA new study was conducted in the UK which stated that ‘variety is the spice of life’ does not hold true when speed dating takes place.

Dating connections that are successful do not evolve from speed dating, researchers stated.

There are several unnatural choices in speed dating and it makes a person unable to take a decision or most of the time, leave such an event single.

Before decision making skills break down, people are able to handle this, according to Marco Francesconi, a professor of economics at the University of Essex, and colleague Alison Lenton, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

Francesconi said, “One of the reasons has to do with our limited ability to deal with ‘too much’ information. There is a ‘bound’ on how much we can usefully process and take account into our decisions. These decisions can be anything from our mate choices to our chocolate consumption.”

He also added that it is redundant when it comes to more chocolates being available and more choice of mates if out tendency to make a decision is affected.