NHS patients to be benefited by £775m health research funding

NHSNHS patients will now get benefited by research for which £775m have been announced by the government, ministers stated.

Key health areas like dementia, heart problems and cancer will be stressed on and over the next five years, this money will be spent on these areas.

While giving an example of this, a computer programme that detects signs of Alzheimer’s by suing brain scans was stated.

There are attempts on making UK a centre of scientific excellence as Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the funds will ensure this.

He said, "A strong science and research base is crucial to help secure sustainable economic growth, helping to re balance the economy and create the jobs of the future, which is why despite tough spending decisions we have protected its funding."

He also added that there is state-of-the-art facilities present in the UK and ace scientists who will together ensure by using the funds that this happens.

Government’s growth strategy has started and the fund was a key aspect of this strategy, a spokesman for the Department of Health said.

The money will only be used for projects that will benefit people directly and also described as ‘translational research’.