Chilli extract could help you stay lean

dihydrocapsiateA food company has stated that in the UK there will be cakes soon that will help you in burning calories and shedding weight.

Chilli peppers contain a slimming aid and this aids helps in upping metabolism that helps in burning calories. This aid can easily be added while making dessert and other food products.

A particular type of chilli contains the extract, dihydrocapsiate (DHC), and it is also known as capsinoids and the chilli that contains it is called CH-19 sweet.

No burning sensation is caused by this compound as other chilli extracts in hot peppers do in the body.

There will be synthetic production of DHC as stated by a Tokyo-based company Ajinomoto and the reason for doing so is that only small amounts of this is produced by chillis.

About three milligrams of DHC which is derived from 10 chilli peppers will be added to a portion of food. In the UK a license to make DHC available in market, an application has been made to the Food Standards Agency.

Ajinomoto spokeswoman Naoko Obara said, “DHC was not a magic bullet in the battle against the bulge, but said it was "unique" among weight loss aids.”