Severity of drug addiction may be affected by genes

Severity of drug addiction may be affected by genesThe severity of drug addiction in human beings can be affected by genes, a group of researchers in U. S. have found. A major difference can be made by a person's history of substance abuse and his genetic makeup when it comes to his treatment.

The quantity of gray matter is lower in some people who are addicted to drugs majorly, scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory have discovered. The areas concerned are the ones associated by with self-control, decision-making and learning.

Fewer numbers of neurons are something that can get translated from lower gray matter when it comes to these critical areas.

Nelly Alia-Klein, a medical scientist and study co-author said, "Drug addicts with low MAOA genotype may require a different treatment than others who bear a high MAOA. MAOA stands for monoamine oxidase A."

Better treatment can take place by this research. Before reaching any conclusions, more research needs to be done.

Alia Klein further said that information about these findings should be given to people who manage individuals who are addicted and addiction treatment professionals like probation officers and judges.