Level of Protein Decides your Shape!

Level of Protein Decides your Shape!The shape of human body can be symbolized as ‘Apple or Pear’. As per a research conducted at the University of Edinburgh, level of protein, known as 11BetaHSD1, is a key factor to decide upon the amount of accumulated fat in the body.

The researchers observed that mice with the protein was more likely to get affected with the fat after consuming high fat rich food for almost four weeks in comparison to those who were deficient of the protein.

The team says that the essential fat lies at the lower part of the body acting as a source of energy for the body and henceforth, appears to be ‘pear shape’. With the alarming signals already sent to all those suffering from obesity, the team is planning to draft another study so that better therapy can be derived for the ‘apple shape’ people.

Obesity has always been linked to many diseases, including heart disease and many other psychological disorders.

Responding to the study, Nik Morton, of the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Cardiovascular Science reportedly claims that this aforementioned study has given enough fodder to the researchers so that more deep study can be done and better therapies can be introduced to root out the health issue.