Survival rate among women with ovarian cancer doubles

Survival rate among women with ovarian cancer doublesAccording to new reports, in the past three decades, among women who have ovarian cancer, five-year survival rates have almost doubled.

In England and Wales, about 21 per cent of women in the early 1970s used to keep alive after five years of being diagnosed with the disease but the percentage of such women have now gone to 41 per cent.

Cancer Research UK states that ovarian cancer now is being survived by more than 1,000 women per year for at least five years, but it was stated that more needs to be done in treating such women to see improvements.

This kind of cancer is not easily diagnosed. The problem with it is that only after it spreads; it gets diagnosed as there are no obvious symptoms.

James Brenton, from Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Research Institute, who treats ovarian cancer patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital, said, “These latest figures show improvements in treatment, such as centralization of ovarian cancer surgery and uniform access to chemotherapy, are making a difference in helping more women survive ovarian cancer these days and this might get better.”