Early Friendship with Guys May Lead to Potential Abuse of Teenage Girls

Friendship-Abuse-Teenage-GirlsAccording to a recent study conducted by scientists, it has been revealed that those girls, who tend to initiate mixed-gender friendships in the early stages of their life, may have a higher potential risk of being subject to abuse when they grow older.

The study included the monitoring of about 400 adolescents be6tween the ages of 12-18 years. This study was conducted in a district school of Canada.

Peer pressure and relationships prove to be one of the main reasons for potential abuse. Girls falter in choosing friends and this results in their abuse. They might be introduced to drinking, smoking and drugs in the teenage, merely because their boyfriends do it. Girls wanting to fit in try the same and this leads to other physical abuse as well.

These things not just affect a girl on a physical level, but make her hollow and shallow on the inside as well. There is a dire need of education that could prevent such events. Girls should be taught to be more responsible and aware of their actions and keep their eyes and ears open all the time.