Andrew Lansley’s Decision

Andrew Lansley’s DecisionAccording to a recent story, the campaigners are working very hard in order to save the accident and emergency and maternity departments of North London Hospital. They have been given a month’s time for coming up with a plan.

Protestors and the Heath Secretary, Andrew Lansley had a meeting to discuss the status of the order to stop the planned closures of the Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lansley has given Labour-run Enfield Council and local protesters a timeline of one month for coming up with a plan.

NHS London maintained its proposals and was supported by the independent advisors.

A statement from NHS London said, "We will be happy to share all the clinical evidence put forward by doctors with local councillors to inform any proposals."

In September 2008, the Labour Government at that time decided to give the close orders of the accident and emergency services at Chase farm Hospital.

There was wide spread protests for this decision. The protesters involved were local MPs, councillors, and Save Chase Farm campaign group.

Tory MP for Enfield North Nick De Bois said Mr. Lansley is unconvinced and a large support is required in order to ahead with this plan.