AIDS Patients More Prone to Fractures

AIDS Patients More Prone to FracturesMedical reports have found that people who are infected with AIDS have an increased risk of bone fractures. Their bone density has been found to be lower than normal people.

The researchers at Rocky Mountain Centre for AIDS Research, education and services did a comparative study on the total number of fractures that happened to AIDS patients and non-AIDS patients. It was found that the total number of fractures were almost four times in case of AIDS patients than in case of normal ones.

However, other instances show that people are having a mental fear in having their HIV tests done. Many people are still afraid to get appropriate treatment for the AIDS. Some are very afraid of the society they live in. AIDS patients think that their society would not accept them as before.

This problem is not with those who have AIDS but it is a common man’s problem. We make the society. We decide what is acceptable and what not. It is the attitude of common people who makes the discrimination against those who are suffering from this pandemic disease.

"The war against the stigma is still raging, and denial is our battlefield. We are killing ourselves."