Marathon runner will be only on McDonald's diet

Marathon runner will be only on McDonald's dietJoe D’Amico is 36 years old and he will run the March 20 Los Angeles Marathon after eating food from McDonald’s for about 30 days.
His plan was stated in ‘Confessions of a Drive-Thru Runner’ on his blog,
He said, “My wife thinks I’m crazy. But I love McDonald’s and I love running, and this is a great way to combine them both.”
Runners normally live on lean proteins, fresh veggies and fruits and pasta but this runner is different and will have three meals from McDonald’s that is completely not a runner’s food.
He stated that he eats orange juice or milk along with bagels, Egg McMuffins or hotcakes. A large Coke, two grilled chicken wraps and three-quarters of a bag of French fries in lunch dinner too is a grilled chicken sandwich or two hamburgers without pickles with Coke and a side salad to eat. He eats chocolate chip cookies or hot fudge sundaes in dessert.
He likes McDonald’s food and states that running and this food is the best way to combine and he is looking forward to the marathon. He further added that he has not been paid by McDonald’s.