Canada’s frozen ‘orphans’ have nowhere to go

CanadaIn Canada’s fertility clinics, thousands of human embryos exist and many of them are orphans.

There is an attempt made by clinics to match these embryos and they have the ability to survive for decades and especially because of people who cannot have a child of their own but want one. Experts have stated that with the growing number of embryos, and it will become common as it is a form of third-party procreation.

The question with these growing embryos now is that how to do away with these embryos that is formed due to infertility treatments.

A potential offspring is given a chance to survive by if the embryos that are not used are implanted in the wombs of other women and the other options to manage these embryos are to give them to medical research, destroy them or store them forever in deep freeze.

Dr Calvin Greene, medical director of Calgary’s Regional Fertility Program said, “We’ve had people who met on the Internet, which is always dicey. Are they selling it, because that’s against the law? All you can do is ask them. We don’t send out the RCMP or check their cheque books.”