$15 billion market formed by AIDS drug maker

AIDSA market worth $15 billion has been created by Gilead Sciences Inc., the world's biggest AIDS-drug maker, by making a single pill that is to be taken every day that attacks virus with three medicines together and this has revolutionized treatment.

The success has hugely had an impact on Foster City, California-based Gilead and rivals Merck & Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

At the moment, market has about 31 drugs that help making HIV take form of a manageable disease rather than a death sentence and this has happened three decades after the virus being discovered. After 2004, only six were approved.

George Hanna, vice president of virology for U. S. medical and HIV early development at Bristol-Myers, based in New York said, “The bar for bringing on a drug in HIV has gotten higher. You can no longer bring to market a drug you're going to have to take three times a day. All of a sudden, we're seeing a lot less in the pipeline.”

Over the years medicines that have been made have proved effective, safe and the virus has been attacked by these medicines in various ways.