Lansley’s approach is not right

Lansley’s approach is not rightKaren Jennings said, “It's a contradiction in terms. We have decades of experience of what happens when you make cuts of this nature.”

Andrew Lansley has been stating that the changes will be beneficial to patients and it will improve the condition of NHS and the changes will be productive but it does not seem true at all.

Unison's national secretary for health seems completely not in favor of what Lansley wants and states that she is not impressed with England’s NHS’ restructuring. Improving patient services at the cost of cutting down jobs is not right.

Many think like her and there are people who state Lansley is right and realistic in his approach. It seems that this argument is not going to stop now.

NHS staff might have to be prepared to face 50000 job cuts and this will include people like frontline clinicians, porters, managers, pharmacists and clerks and this is being opposed by many.

About 653 posts might be cut in Barts and the London NHS Foundation Trust and this is including about 258 nurses also. About 1000 jobs or more might have to be cut as Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust has to save £20bn over the next four years.