Gautemalans Ask US Government for Compensation

GUATEMALA-SYPHILISGautemalans have filed lawsuit against US government and asked them to pay compensation regarding the syphilis experiment in the 1940s. The people of Gautemalans suffered a lot due to various kinds of health problems regarding that experiment. The lawsuit was filed on Monday.

The lawsuit was filed after the US scientists studied the effects caused by penicillin during the experiment in 1940s. The experiment affected life of 700 prisoners, mentally disturbed patients, soldiers, and orphans. The lawsuit claimed that no one was given any information regarding the experiment.

Sources claimed that the experiment was conducted in between 1946 to 1948. The funding was provided by the National Institutes of Health.

The effects of this experiment were a mystery until in the year 2009 Susan Reverby, a historian of Wellesley College uncovered the facts of this disastrous experiment.

The lawmakers who represented the Gautemalans asked the Obama government regarding the whole thing. After they did not get any response from the Government side, they finally filed a lawsuit on Friday.

The court documents revealed that the researchers of US convinced the officials for giving the victims the medicines. In many other cases infected prostitutes were used to expose the victims to the disease.