Lindsey Beck Had a Simple Question

marijuanaLindsey Beck, 26 of Voluntown had a simple question on Monday dedicated towards the state legislators of Judicial Committee.

"Part of human life is suffering and pain, the payoff being joy and pleasure", Beck said. "However, is it not our obligation as a species that can show compassion to wish the minimal amount of suffering upon each individual?"

Beck asked the legislators to pass a bill which would allow the people to consume marijuana to help them get relief from illness. She also claimed that the people should not get fear from having criminal proceedings against them.

Reports confirmed that the committee was conducting hearing on a number of bills which would change the way the state treats possession and use of marijuana.

Beck told the committee to give some quality to her life. She claimed that she want to grow her son and she want to go back to college and complete her career.

Beck was among the many citizens who urged to the judicial system to make the medical utility of marijuana legal. Barry Williams, a former lobbyist claimed that after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease his life has changed completely. It takes 1 hour in the morning to get dressed.