Liability findings more "likely" after asbestos ruling

courtA landmark court ruling has been welcomed by a Shropshire woman who lost her mother to cancer and feels that others can get benefited to a great extent when it comes to compensation.

In January 2006 it was malignant mesothelioma that had taken away Enid Costello, mother of Kate Howard, from north Shropshire. She was 74 years old.

A compensation claim against her former employer Greif (UK) Ltd has been won by Costello’s family.

She worked as a secretary at Ellesmere Port at a packaging factory and it was stated that it was here that she breathed in dust containing asbestos.

It is being stated that mesothelioma sufferers can now take compensation if they are able to prove their cancer happened due to low level exposure to asbestos, with the last week’s ruling given by the Supreme Court.

According to Howard, it had been a long time since Costello’s three children were fighting legal cases but finally the fight has ended.

She said, “I’m really pleased because it paves the way for other people not to have to go through what our family has been through.”