University of Saskatoon Students to Sleep on the Road for Charity

University of Saskatoon Students to Sleep on the Road for CharityNot many of us would prefer to trade the comforts of our warm beds for the cold pavements by the road side. However, humanity is something that is still very common throughout the world and students at the University of Saskatchewan have conjured up their conscience for a very noble initiative.

Apparently a group of students at the university have resolved to sleep in the outdoors on the campus for a period of five nights. The initiative will witness the students raising money for a local charity that supports homeless people.

They have even titled the event they are participating in as, ‘5 Days for the Homeless’ event, which is expected to help raise $15,000 for the charity group known as EGADZ. The charity group also provides support to the at-risk group of youngsters living in the region.

A total of four students are braving the cold outside to raise the money, one of the students, Stephanie Ulm, informed that their goal was to raise as much as possible for EGADSZ. She added that the homeless people in Saskatoon were living in extremely deplorable conditions and that there were people of her age or even younger than her, who had no option but to live on the streets.