Father delivers baby in hospital toilet

Father delivers baby in hospital toiletA case of an infant being born inside Waikato Hospital’s toilet by his father is being investigated.

The infant was almost strangulated with the umbilical cord when he was being delivered.

Due to an increased blood pressure, the baby’s mother Rachael Shepherd was admitted to the hospital on March 11.

She was told that her contractions would be eased with a shower she was in the bathroom along with a midwife when an urge to push was experienced by her and this led to the midwife present leave to get the original midwife.

Rachael’s husband, Dean Shepherd, pressed the emergency buzzer after making her sit on the toilet but nobody attended to them and this made Dean deliver his own child himself.

Dean said, “She ended up pushing through one contraction and out came baby's head. I was left with my labouring wife for more than five minutes to deliver the baby and free the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby boy's neck.”

They got panicky as the baby looked blue. The cord was under the baby boy’s jaw and his head’s back and helped freeing the child from it.

He added that his wife again pushed and the baby finally came out. Soon after the midwife also arrived and the case is now being investigated.