Lesbian Couple Opens Britain’s First Gay-Only Fertility Centre

Lesbian Couple Opens Britain’s First Gay-Only Fertility CentreNatalie Drew and Ashling Phillips have decided to start the Gay Family Web Fertility Centre on Monday which would be Britain’s first gay-only fertility centre.

They themselves have two children by a sperm donor and it was after their own experiences of starting a family that they thought of setting up this center exclusively for gay couple.

It is considered to be a crucial step in this direction as there are not enough resources for the gay couples and much of the advice is available only for heterosexual couples.

The couple has a good amount of experience as they have been running an online fertility center since 2007 and after realizing the increasing demand, they decided to set up an office with a nurse to carry out blood tests and other check-ups.

Talking about their own experiences, the couple said that they had suffered problems while trying to conceive their daughter as the doctors had asked them to bring in their fathers for tests.

Miss Drew said, “We wanted to set up something where we would act as a go-between and where couples could meet potential donors face-to-face to work out how they would work things out. We also want to save people from having to explain their situation that they are gay and using a donor”.