Effects of Prayer in Anger or Aggression

Effects of Prayer in Anger or AggressionAccording to a recent research by Ohio State University, it has been observed that people who do not get mad on things, were able to cope with their anger easily and in a better way. The main motive of the research was to study the effects of prayer on aggression and anger.

The research was done by Professor Bushman, of the Ohio University with the help of Ryan Bremner, of the University of Michigan and Sander Koole, of VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

While talking about the study, a quick prayer can calm furious people and help them to feel less angry, whether they believe in God or not.

According to Co-author, Brad Bushman when people feel negative about their lives they start praying, as they believe that power of prayer could help them. Saying a prayer always help people in changing their attitude towards negative situations.

Bushman said that the study was done about the people who pray, but researchers didn’t observe that whether prayer had any effect on the people who were prayed for or not.

“The effects we found in these experiments were quite large, which suggests that prayer may really be an effective way to calm anger and aggression”, asserted Professor Bushman.