New Health and Safety Rules Creating Controversies

New Health and Safety Rules Creating ControversiesThe UK Government has recently decided to go for some major reforms in the health and safety sector. But this decision has landed in the mid of storm, as it is strongly opposed by the British Safety Council (BSC).

As per Neal Stone, the Director of Policy and Research at the BSC, these proposed reforms will not benefit the people and it will lead to more health complications and injuries. He also said that there organization is highly concerned about it and wants the health authority to rethink about their verdict.

This reform proposal has various different aspects compared to the present health and safety laws. It has been declared that following the new rule, despite running risky business, dependable and reputed employers will not face the routine health and safety inspections. But irresponsible and bad employers will not be spared and their activity will always be watched.

Talking on that topic, The Employment Minister, Chris Grayling, said that it is duty of the Government to protect the employees and make sure that their work places are safe enough. The purpose of the new health and safety rules will definitely be in favor of all employees, but at the same time to ensure the economic growth, it is high time to set all the industries from the unnecessary burden of safety measures.