HIV rise disappoints Middlesbrough charity

HIV rise disappoints Middlesbrough charityBody’s capacity to fight diseases gets hampered by a damaged immune system that is possible with an HIV infection. It has been stated that the HIV infections nationally have declined but there has been a little increase in the North East.

Last year, in the North East, according to provisional data from the Health Protection Agency, HPA, there were 140 new cases of HIV that means as compared to 2009, there was an increase of 4.4 per cent.

When this happened, UK seemed to do good as there was a 7.2 per cent decline in HIV infections.

The current scenario meant there was a need of awareness and better education, staff at Middlesbrough-based HIV support charity Teesside Positive Action said.

It has been added that by the time this year ends, the scenario of HIV infection will not be very clear.

Dr Kirsty Foster, consultant in health protection for the HPA in the North East, said, “This year's provisional figures show a small rise in the number of new diagnoses of HIV in the North East. However this is provisional data and we will only know the true figures later in the year.”