UK’s first face and hand transplant soon

UK’s first face and hand transplant soonIn north London, soon there will be a face and hand transplant that will be UK’s first as preparations are on by British surgeons.

This kind of procedure has been conducted in France before and too just once. Patients in north London are being reviewed by a team at the Royal Free Hospital.

Professor Peter Butler, director of surgery and trauma at the Royal Free, for most of his time spent as a doctor, has been researching face, and face and hand transplants. UK’s first full face transplant’s go-ahead was given in 2006 and for conducting the transplant, a suitable donor match is what he is waiting for.

Some people are undergoing a rigorous psychological testing as they are wanting a face and hand transplant together. Several patients are also being assessed for a combined hand and face transplant.

Due to more risks and the positive outcomes of a hand transplant surgery, more evidence than that is present is needed, surgical experts at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Nice, stated.

It said, “Health professionals should explain the uncertainties and possible risks to all patients considering the operation before they give their consent.”