NHS Budget Out: GPs Will Get £60bn Out of £100bn Budget

NHS has to complete many big challenges and some of them are improvising primary care and GP services in the nation. Confederation’s Acting Chief Executive, Nigel Edwards said commenting on the King's Fund report on general practice that "Improving primary care and GP services is one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS”.

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has announced the NHS budget and said that GPs will get £60bn and not £80bn out of the £100bn budget. Also the personality marked that GPs might not get their hands on the cash until 2013. This statement was marked by Lansley, while speaking at the health select committee, where he denied giving GPs 80 per cent of the NHS's £100bn budget.

He announced the whole budget and allotted the amount as follows: £11bn towards research, education and training and national vaccine programs, £11bn for primary care, dentists and pharmacy, around £10bn for specialized services managed by the NHS commissioning board, and approximately £4bn for the new public health service. That means, Lansley said that of the £89bn that primary care trusts will control next year, the real amount of money that GPs will have for commissioning would be "of the order of £60bn rather than £80bn".