50 per cent reduction in death rate of prostate cancer

Royal-MarsdenThere are 50 per cent chances of death risks associated with prostate cancer with a new treatment.

The way androgen deprivation therapy or the NADT leads to changes in treating the disease, patients can have a new hope because the therapy itself is not new.

People who have reached advanced stage of the disease are put on this therapy but according to the new findings, many cases can be cured with giving the therapy just six months of the treatment.

Every year about 37,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed even today. The therapy helps in decreasing the levels of male hormones that are behind causing prostate cancer.

There are little side effects and the treatment can work for up to 10 years.

Chris Parker, of the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in west London said, “This is an important trial and has two clear messages for current clinical practice. First, it confirms that NADT significantly reduces mortality after radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer, and is a standard of care and it helps to resolve the uncertainty regarding NADT duration.”