Dogs in Britain infested with ticks from Europe

DogsIt has been reported that for the first time, a breed of blood-sucking tick has been spotted in Britain that is usually seen on the continent.

According to scientists, this has happened mainly due to changes in the climate that has made the parasite’s entry into the UK and due to this new strains of disease from Europe might also have made their way.

More than 3,500 dogs that come for veterinary practices in the UK were a part of the study in which tick infestations were assessed. The researchers after seeing the infestation stated that the tick infestation is much higher as compared to earlier and ticks infested about 15 per cent of dogs.

Researchers spotted a kind of tick in the study called the European meadow tick or the dermacentor reticulatus. It was the concluded that seeing this kind of tick here meant that even southeast England is now having tick population. In Europe, dogs are infected with a serious disease named as canine babesiosis that takes place due to this tick.

In Great Britain, this study is one of the very rare studies that monitored tick infestation in pet dogs.