Patchy appraisal of doctors to undercut revalidation plan

doctorsThe revalidation plan next year can be undercut with the patchy and an inconsistent system for appraisal of doctors.

The information given to GPs on their performance was not enough and was insufficient, according to new BMA survey with responses from 3,629 GPs and consultants.

Satisfactory responses on information on GPs and personal appraisals of the GPs was something that certain trusts could not provide and this information was vital because it was on safety and basic quality, as stated by the BMA Revalidation and Appraisal Survey.

In 2012, appraisal in a strong form will be available in the UK on which the revalidation of doctors will be based.

In an attempt to get more details on potential benefits, costs and practicalities, as there will be tests when it comes to components of the final process that has not been agreed to as of now.

Since April 2009, there was an appraisal of about 80 per cent of doctors who had responded to the survey and this states that there were no appraisals for about 11 per cent of them.

The report authors said, “The results of this survey show that a significant amount of work needs to be undertaken before revalidation can be introduced. The BMA will use these results to inform our ongoing discussions with the various stakeholders taking forward the design and implementation of the process.”