77-yr-old widow affected by cuts in NHS

77-yr-old widow affected by cuts in NHSA 77-year-old widow had to go through a lot of humiliation despite that she has always had faith on health services since many years now due to the scheduled NHS cuts.

Edith Braddow is blind and people who were supposed to take care of her only had let her down.

A local clinic had put Braddow on incontinence pads after she was referred to a GP and the latest is that nurses told her to get three soiled pads if she wanted to keep receiving incontinence pads.

The cost of an incontinence pad is 29p and in Boots, a pack that contains about eight continence pads for women cost about £2.35 but Braddow feels that no one is bothered about old people in today's time.

Her son Ivan said, "For some time, my mother has had incontinence pads through the local clinic and she's had to go there for regular assessments. She's been given measuring cups to measure quantities of urine at home and we put it down on a chart and took that into the clinic."

During a reassessment she was asked to get three soiled pads and though the family felt weird but they sent them with Braddow.

Each pad was weighed by nurses and was told that a new procedure was there to assess the urine quantity now.

Braddow was told then that until and unless she pays for the pads, she will not be given any because the quantity of the urine.