New Hope for Cancer Patients

Cancer-PatientsAccording to recent study, a new drug has been developed which might be able to cure cancer. It is a disease that affects millions worldwide every year and kills more than any other disease does.

This new drug is apparently going to be apt in stunting the growth of tumors in the body. It could mean that the tumor size remains constant and does not grow any further.

The research has been conducted at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital. There has also been another team involved from the Oxford University and one from the cancer research society of the UK.

If this treatment comes out to be a successful one, it could mean a radical change and a very positive development in the field of cancer treatment.

It could save the lives of millions. It could ease the pain and torment of a lot of people suffering from the disease.

“It’s greatly encouraging that we’re able to take this new experimental drug to treat lung cancer into further development. We hope that it may increase survival rates for lung cancer patients”, said Dr. Denis Talbot, Consultant at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and a Cancer Research UK clinician at The University of Oxford.